It’s our chance to shine

_93907386_hullpaRight, here’s my New Year’s Resolution.

I’m determined to ignore people who CONSTANTLY talk Hull down.

Honestly, you should read the views of some people who get in touch:

“Should have spent all that money on pot holes and keeping old people warm”…… “What a waste of money, Hull will always be a s**t hole”…… “Why bother, no one wants this”… “Can’t even sort the paving out”…..and it goes on.

And this is from people who LIVE HERE.

I LOVE this city – sure it’s not perfect, but I’m determined to give this coming year the best shot I can.

At best it will give us all a spring in our step, a puffed out chest and a new love for the city, at worst we’ll just have a nice year of great concerts and events for all the family. And when it’s over – scruffy old town will look smarter, the theatre can attract bigger touring shows and we’ll have a world class art gallery to draw people into the city.

But we need to throw ourselves into this and shout about where we live – not slag it off at every opportunity. What chance have we got if our OWN PEOPLE talk us down all the time?

And, what have we got to lose? SHARE THE PRIDE in Hull and together we can make more noise than the whiners and moaners who insist on waiting for it to fail.

Have a wonderful CULTURE FILLED 2017. I intend to.

Love where you live.

And, if you’re outside Hull reading this – you are very welcome to come and share our pride in this SUPERB city.

Happy New Year!

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