Well, that was a first…


Well that was a first!!

I’ve got something brilliant to tell you.

I’ve always wanted to do stand up comedy.

I’ve talked about it for years. To the point where Michelle just told me to go and get on with it.

So, every Saturday for the last four months I’ve been to London and back to take part in a series of comedy master classes with 14 other wonderful people under the direction of comic Logan Murray – who’s a bit of acomedy guru to be honest. It’s the No. 1 course in the country.

Over those 12 weeks we’ve covered writing, stage craft, persona, timing….. basically learned how to make a room full of strangers laugh over and over. It’s been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. Utterly fascinating.

We’ve studied the psychology of audiences and the structure of jokes and performed our own material on stage too. I’ve loved it and made some (very funny) friends for life too.

Anyway – the long and the short of it is that my first proper gig as a stand up comedian was TONIGHT in a comedy club in Kings Cross!! It went really well – and I loved it. (Nobody threw anything).


I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want anyone I know to turn up and watch me!! That would have been too stressful for me AND you! Only Michelle & Lizzie knew.

I’ve got a few more gigs in the pipeline and plans for loads more and even a new comedy competition!!

They say there’s nothing like the feeling of making a room full of strangers laugh – and they’re right. I didn’t want to get to 60 and regret not doing it.

I’ll share the journey on here!

And when I’ve done a few more gigs I might even tell you where I’m performing so you can come and see me do my stuff if you like.


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