The end of an era

I feel like the luckiest person alive! For the past five years I’ve been able to work with the most incredible team of people – the best around – presenting the Breakfast Show at BBC Radio Humberside.  It’s been announced today that the show will change in September – and so ‘Lizzie & Carl at Breakfast’ will be no more!

We both feel like the time is right for a change. Five years of 4am starts is enough for anyone. After a while it does start to take its toll – especially if you have a young family, as both of us do.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of our families and having a conversation with them without yawning through it. We’re looking forward to staying up past 8pm, not being completely wiped out all weekend, a better social life!, watching the late Look North, seeing more of our friends, and the new projects we’ll be working on (more detail to follow on this later!).

Personally I’ll miss the team – any group of people who can work together when the rest of the world is asleep while remaining happy and creative is a rock solid team in my book. It might just sound like the two of us are chatting – but it’s an incredible challenge for everyone behind the scenes to come up with fresh ideas day after day when you’ve had very little sleep. The technical challenges, the guests who don’t show up, the legal considerations, the logistics – so much work goes into each 3 hour programme – and it helps to have the best team in the business with you. Too many individuals to mention (and I’m bound to miss someone out) but a massive thanks to the producers, technicians, reporters, newsreaders and guest presenters over those years. And Nick Robins.

Most of all I’ll miss being in a small studio with the joy that is Lizzie Rose every morning. Over the past five years we’ve laughed, cried and danced together. We’ve hosted the biggest show on the radio station throughout Hull’s amazing year as City of Culture, we’ve been up for awards, hosted events, interviewed some incredible people, danced for Children in Need, had a part in a Hull Truck play, had vans named after us, broadcast from Liverpool to London, choked back the tears through terrorist attacks, spluttered with laughter at inappropriate times, been access all areas at the top concerts & events AND met Barry from Eastenders.


We’ll also miss our brilliant listeners who are such a part of our journey over the years. We feel like we know many of you personally, and say a huge thanks for being with us through the fun days and the sad news days.

We wish all the best to James Piekos who’s taking over the show. James is a fine broadcaster and I know you’ll love waking up with him  – as will we. We’re handing him both of our alarm clocks to make sure he gets up!

Our final show together is in early September – and until then we’re holding a closing down sale. We have one slightly used Nick Robins going cheap. Make us an offer.




9 thoughts on “The end of an era

  1. Good luck in the new venture, we will all miss you and Lizzie. Thank you for the laughs and the pantos throughout he years. I worked on the tour de Yorkshire with you when you compared me to a Womble… cheers mate! Best wishes, keep laughing and enjoy the rest. I’m sure we won’t be seeing the last of you.


  2. Awwww no…will miss you both every morning. I know how hard you both work doing the morning show and have proud to be part of it a few times over the last few years. Can’t wait to hear about the changes

    Sending you both lots of love xx


  3. Absolutely gutted!! You’ve brightened up my mornings on so many occasions, made me laugh, and taught me a few things too. Thank you for being such an amazing breakfast team!!! All the very best, Oliver


  4. Steroid specialness- so gracious when I’ve had the luck to be on. Magic combination and contrasting voices. Good luck to you both. Xx


  5. Good luck to you both and thanks for supporting Hull City of Culture so brilliantly and consistently. It was hugely important. Rosie Millard


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